Our vast experience includes distressed material as a result of failed warehouse structures, train derailments, truck accidents, and barge and vessel damage. We specialize in barge, truck, and vessel cargo. In addition, our experience on inland waterways, specifically Mississippi River salvage, has given us a unique perspective on how to handle large damaged products that are more prevalent in the blue water salvage area.

The material we typically handle are agricultural (grains, fertilizers), industrial (steel, concrete), petroleum products and coal. We also purchase consumer goods and other products.

With years of experience in the salvage industry, Newsom, Inc is able to handle most any situation. Much of the time we encounter damaged material as a result of water intrusion or manufacturing mishap. Whether there are clumps, lumps, powder, bug infestation, mold or off-spec prill size; we have dealt with it.

We buy and supply

  • Damaged Fertilizers
  • Damaged Barges
  • Feed Ingredients
  • Liquid Products
  • Small Grains & Screenings