Newsom, Inc is a conglomeration of multiple family owned businesses that have been in operation for the past thirty years. It is our belief that by combining these businesses we are able service our clients and customers more effectively than operating independently of each other.

With offices in Florida, Mississippi and Kentucky (and, of course, multiple airport lounges and hotels) our reach stretches from Coast to Coast, as well as, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Our industries are diverse; the largest being fertilizer. We buy and sell distressed and off spec NPK and micro essentials. We also buy and sell salvage grain, metals, chemicals and aggregates.

We are known and respected in the industry as a solution to problems that may arise. Our quick response time and efficient resolution allows our customers to move on with their day to day business, while we handle the challenges.

As a result of our success in fertilizer, we are expanding our fertilizer and seed storage. (More to come)!

What started as an occasional phone call because of a damaged barge or truckload of fertilizer has turned into a formidable business. We’ve branched out from local Delta fertilizer and grain suppliers to Mississippi River barges, oceangoing vessels and are now serving clients with international operations.